The Story

“Like many ministries, the story of The Bigger Picture Project begins with a big God stirring a big passion. Ever since I can remember, He has been showing me that there are people all over our community and all over the world who are in need. And ever since I can remember, I have felt him calling me to serve them – to be His hands and feet. But as I have gotten older, He has continued to grow this passion and calling. First began the mission trips, then the major in nonprofit management, then the trailer park ministry, then the job in children’s outreach (and lots in-between!). But there has been a theme throughout each of these steps: I have always wanted others to get involved. I glimpsed and then tasted the sweetness found in the bigger picture that God has called believers to live in, and I just couldn’t help but want to bring others into the joy that comes from it.

There was a problem, though. All around me I was noticing people (myself included much of the time) who were just too consumed with themselves – their lives, their comforts, their conveniences, their schedules, etc. In fact, I noticed that people were so consumed with these things, that they couldn’t see beyond their “bubble”. They couldn’t see (or sometimes chose not to see) the people all around them and all around the world, that were in desperate need of physical and spiritual help.

And so in 2015 the Lord birthed in me the idea of The Bigger Picture Project – a ministry focused on helping others come out of their “bubble”to see God’s bigger picture, challenging them to live in it, and providing ways for them to begin to do so. Each aspect of this can be a challenge, but I count it all as joy, because I know that this is 100% of the Lord. And we will surely give Him ALL of the glory for every “win” that comes our way!”

-Megan Sheasby Downer (Founder, President, and CEO of The Bigger Picture Project, Inc.)