Project Connect

Project Connect is all about connecting needs with resources that can meet those needs – whether it’s time, money, or material things.

For example, let’s connect a struggling single mom who needs a car seat with a mom whose kid’s are no longer in car seats and can easily give hers away. Or let’s connect a family who is in need of Christmas gifts with another family who is looking for a way to be a Christmas blessing. Or on a larger scale, let’s connect a business that has water purification technology to a village in Africa that is in desperate need of clean water.

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There are plenty of needs out there, but there are also plenty of resources to meet those needs. Let’s dissolve the disconnect between the two through Project Connect.

Check our social media (by clicking here) for updates on needs that Project Connect is trying to meet.

If you are someone who has a need, or if you are someone who would like to meet a need, please contact Megan Downer at or 770-757-3071