Back to School!

It’s hard to believe that it is already time for kids to get ready to go back to school, but alas, it is (too earlier in my opinion, but no one asked me!). Many kids get to take their supply lists and go to the store and pick out a new backpack and folders and notebooks and pencils, and all of the other items deemed necessary for learning, and of course, it all has to be decked out with the characters or style they choose. And then they will go to their new class that is stocked and ready for everything from science experiments to crafts to reading and writing.

But then there are the other kids. The ones that don’t get to go pick out all of the cool new school supplies. The ones whose schools aren’t filled with everything the teachers need to educate them the way they deserve. The Feed My Lambs schools are some of these schools. Feed My Lambs is a nonprofit ministry that provides free Christian pre-school to families in poverty. They are doing a great work, but because they are a nonprofit (that does not receive any federal funding), they still have a great deal of needs.

But we believe it doesn’t have to be that way. We believe we can join together to fill the classrooms with everything the teachers need and want, so that they can go through this school year providing their students the best school experience ever! If you would like to join us in blessing a couple of the FML schools, please look over the lists below and let us know what items you would like to donate.

FML Atlanta (located at The City of Refuge):
Magnetic Wands
Safety Goggles
Magnifying glass(7)
Pipe cleaners
Plastic tweezers
Popsicle sticks
Contact paper (14rolls)
Bean bags
Tiny finger cymbals (instrument)
Glue sticks
Construction paper
Dry erase markers
Toy Insects
Velcro tape
Animal puppets
Rings to make books
Kids size paint brushes
Large Paint bottles (Red, Yellow, Blue, Black, Brown, Whites, Orange, Green)
Large floor puzzles (Any type)
Musical Instruments
Pete the cat books (Any)
Heavy duty shower curtains (2)
Black duct tape
Toy baby stroller(1)
Toy baby crib(1)
Composition notebooks(18)
Kinetic sand
Googley eyes
3 small dry erase boards
Test tubes
Eye droppers (Science)
Filter paper (Science)
Farmer’s costumes for kids
Tissue paper
Bristle blocks
Guinea Pig OR Rabbit (1)

FML Austell:
CD players( new or used)
Laminate machine
Bulletin Board paper rolls
Doll cribs
Tempera paint
Construction paper
Copy paper
Glue bottles

We greatly appreciate your generosity and your desire to live in God’s bigger picture by blessing others!

Megan Downer

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