We are so excited about this time of year. It is filled with so many opportunities to get cozy, spend time with those we love, have fun traditions, and our personal favorite – bless others because of how God blessed us by sending His Son. It is so easy to get caught up in everything else during the month of December, but we firmly believe that Christmas time is about much more than ourselves. That is why we hope you will join us in #DoSomethingDecember!

We have a few tangible #DoSomethingDecember opportunities for you to bless people in need around our community, and you can see those details below, but before you do that, please take a minute to see all that the BPP was up to in the fall!


During the month of October we collected backpacks for children who attend College de la Grace, a school in Haiti that is a part of Hosean International Ministries. These children had already been given school supplies by other kind people, and now they will have backpacks to carry them in!


During the first half of November we gave out Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes for individuals, couples, and families to have a way to love on children around the world. These boxes were filled with toys, school supplies, candy, toiletries, and other items. We collected the filled boxes, took them to an OCC drop of site, and now they will be distributed to children around the world who will get to experience the joy of Christmas presents, as well as hear the Good News of Jesus!

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Lastly, we helped plan and organize an opportunity for the high school students at North Metro Church to serve the homeless in our community by making blessing bags. Some of the items for these blessing bags were donated by the high school students, and the rest were provided by The Bigger Picture Project. We counted, sorted and organized these items, and then just last night the NMC students put together blessing bags during their small group time. Approximately 225 bags were made, with each bag including a water bottle, snacks, gum, a tooth brush and tooth paste, deodorant, soap, shampoo, lotion, a pack of kleenex, a wash cloth, a pair of socks, a pair of gloves, and a hand written note. The students then took a filled blessing bag with them to give out to a homeless person that God puts in their path. Not only will these homeless people be blessed, but the students were blessed by this opportunity to live in God’s bigger picture!


#DoSomethingDecember Opportunities

As we said, we have a few opportunities for you and your family, community group, or group of friends to bless others in need this Christmas.

First we have a family who lives in Cartersville. The dad has lost his job and is struggling to provide for his four sons. The boys are in need of new shoes. See details below and please let us know if you would like to purchase shoes for one of these boys.

12 year old: Nike or Addias size 9 1/2
13 year old: Nike or Addias size 9 1/2
15 year old: Nike or Addias size 11 1/2
16 year old: Nike or Addias size 111/2

Next, we have the opportunity to bless some of the girls and babies in the Kindred Spirit program at the City of Refuge. Kindred Spirit is designed to be a safe haven for pregnant teens/young women and teen/young moms. Here are the specifics for each mom and baby:

Mom #1 (18 years old)
-Brown tall boots size 8
-Hat and scarf set
-Zip up hoodie size Medium
-Bra size 36C

Baby #1 (boy-currently 1 month old)
-Baby boy clothes size 3-6 months
-Hat and scarf
-Diapers size 2 and/or 3
-Toys for babies up to 6 months (light up toys)

Mom #2 (15 years old)
-Black combat boots size 11
-Hat and scarf
-Jacket size Large
-White converse low tops size 11
-Ankle socks size 11
-Pants size 16
-Shirts size Large
-Cushioned bra size 36B
-Headbands that go all the way around

Baby #2 (boy)
-Shoes (such as black converse/Nikes) size 7C
-Boots size 7C
-Boys clothes/jacket 18-24months

Mom #3 (Currently pregnant, due in March)
-Bath and body works (anything-lotion, shower gel, body spray-Paris Amore is her favorite scent!)
-Loves target/American Eagle
-Maternity clothes size Large
-Tennis shoes or Sperrys size 9.5

Baby #3 (boy)
-Anything for a newborn baby boy- diapers, onesies, baby wash, baby shoes

Mom #4
-Facial cleanser (Clean & Clear)
-Face lotion (Clean & Clear)
-Face mask (Clean & Clear)
-Makeup remove wipes
-Jergens lotion
-Hand wash scrub
-Size 8 boots
-Size 7 in pants
-Small in shirts

Baby #4 (girl)
-6-12 months in baby clothes
-Size 3 in baby shoes

If you would like to sponsor one of these moms or babies, please let us know. You do not need to feel like you have to purchase everything on their list. They would appreciate anything you are able to give!

We greatly appreciate however you may have given in the fall or plan to give this December. Praying God richly blesses your for how you are choosing to live His bigger picture!

In Christ,

Megan Downer
Founder & President

2 thoughts on “#DoSomethingDecember

  1. Hi Megan, thank you so much for sharing this opportunity to serve . John and I would like to sponser mommy and baby number 4. I know how to purchase the stuff, but when do you need it by and where do I need to deliver the items? I would love to talk to you about your ministry.


    1. Hey Monique! Thank you so much for being willing to bless this mommy and baby! I would really like to have everything by December 15th so that I can then take everything to the girls. I could meet up with you (and maybe Crystal-I would love to meet baby Bennett!) sometime before then. My number is (770) 757-3071. Why don’t you text me sometime soon and we can figure out a time to meet?


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