BPP Spotlight: Alexis Hicks

This week’s BPP spotlight is Alexis Hicks. Alexis is a junior at Kennesaw State University, studying to get a degree in Communications. She is your normal college student, except for one big difference: she is living her life in God’s bigger picture. Take a minute to read her story.


I feel like being in college is one of the hardest stages of life because you are constantly wondering if this is where the Lord has you. I cannot tell you how many times I ask myself that very question each week. “Lord, do you want me here, sitting in a classroom, frantically getting assignments done each night, feeling like I have no time for You?” As I keep asking Him this question, I constantly receive the answer of “Yes, college is where I need you to be.” I hate this answer sometimes, because I really want the Lord to tell me exactly what He wants me to do. I want specifics. Occasionally, I feel like that would be the easier solution, rather than waiting for what to do next.

Because I feel like I’m stuck in a transition stage of the unknown, I forget to look around me to see everything that the Lord is ACTUALLY using me in. For example, I have had the incredible opportunity to volunteer in a Good News Club (a Christian club, held in a public elementary school) each Tuesday. This is one of the highlights of my week because I get to see these children every week, who come from all different types of families and circumstances, and build relationships with them. Sometimes I feel insecure that I’m not the best with kids, but these kids love to have fun and that is what I’m good at. I have loved seeing them grow and open up more and more. There have been a couple of girls in my small group who would not even look me in the eyes the first day, but are now the conversation starters of our 2nd grade small group. They love to be silly and laugh at me when we dance during the lessons. I have also had the opportunity to lead a 9th grade small group at my church. Those girls are the smartest and craziest people I have ever met and no one challenges me like they do. Not only do I get to see them grow in their relationships with Jesus, but I can’t even express how much I have grown in mine through leading them.

The Lord has constantly reminded me that even when I feel unused and not in the right place, He is working through me in ways I did not even know He could. I think a lot of times we want to plan our future. We want everything to be exactly how WE want it and we think that when it is, we will be satisfied. But the thing is, I know I’m not called to live a comfortable, perfectly planned out life. Ever since I began a relationship with Jesus I never felt called to a comfortable life. But that doesn’t mean moments of fear and fretting over the future don’t happen. Some days are harder than others, but I have to remember that He is who He says He is. This is something that has been on my heart a lot lately. His promises to me are always going to stay true because He is never-changing. That’s hard to trust because people always change and leave. But He doesn’t and He never will. He is going to be faithful. We just have to believe that.


Alexis Hicks

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